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As we celebrate our 70th anniversary and look back at our success we have found that our “yes we can” attitude and dedication to strong technical engineering skills are primary contributors to what make use unique. First, we consult: we focus on understanding the big picture goals and look for how we can achieve those goals. Then we “engineer” working through the specific details to provide a solid plan that will work.

Founded in 1949 as a mechanical and electrical engineering firm, Swanson Rink has expanded our skill sets to meet the specific needs of the industry. We have experts in HVAC, Power, lighting, life safety/fire protection, telecommunications and security, as well as specialty aviation system design for baggage handling, passenger screening, boarding bridges and fueling. Swanson Rink’s core business focuses on supporting the infrastructure of our clients whether digital, transportation, entertainment or business.

Our values of Integrity, Engineering Excellence and Creating a Legacy are rooted in the values that began with Al Swanson and Fred Rink and continue today.

Security Focused

At Swanson Rink we are dedicated to ensuring the security and privacy of all our project and user data by following industry best practices for Cyber Security.

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