Automaker Data Center

  • Greenfield
  • 19,000 sf
  • 1.9 MW
  • LEED Certified

Chesapeake Data Center

  • 55,000 sf with 12,000 sf raised floor
  • MEP Engineer direct to Owner
  • Uptime Institute Tier III Construction Certified

Confidential Data Center

  • Prime consultant for new 24 MW data center

Enterprise TIER III Upgrade

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering for a  masterplan and infrastructure upgrade implemented with no downtime to the existing facility
  • Upgrades include a new chilled water distribution loop, new 2500 kw generator, replacement of existing generator, switchgear breaker retrofit

Fortune 100 Data Center

  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering
  • 113,000 sf
  • Prime Consultant

One Wilshire

  • Master planning and Engineering for infrastructure upgrade
  • 1,100 ton central condenser water system
  • New 10 MVA electrical Service
  • New 47 MVA network switch

ViaWest Chaska

  • Renovation
  • Modular Mechanical Skids
  • 7200 kW Capacity
  • 70,000 sf

ViaWest Compark

  • 6MW UPS Capacity (18 MW Masterplan)
  • 3,000 tons of redundant cooling (6,000 Masterplan)
  • 140,000 square feet of raised floor


  • Mechanical and electrical engineering for tenant buildouts in Denver and LA

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